Inauguration Day Celebration Live

Inauguration Tour Virtual Live Tour of National Mall Memorials

Come and celebrate the inauguration with us for an informative and fun virtual tour of some of the inspirational, world-famous monuments and memorials on the National Mall in Washington DC! I am your tour guide Stephen Mead and have led tours of these beautiful and moving monuments and memorials many times. We will first look at the elaborate memorial to Ulysses S Grant, a huge sculptural group in front of the US capitol. Then we will virtually walk down to the Washington Monument and discover a lot of fun and interesting facts, its design, and its history. Continuing we will stop outside the Smithsonian Castle, the original building of the Smithsonian Institution, and pop inside for a view of the crypt of the Smithsonian founder, James Smithson. Next, we will view the beautiful and inspirational World War Two memorial. A fitting tribute to the thousands of Americans who gave their lives for our freedom, it also includes a humorous and quirky inscription “Kilroy was here”. Find out where that is and what it means!
We will discover two of our Founding Fathers on this tour with visits to both the Thomas Jefferson and George Mason memorials. We will discuss the two memorials’ beautiful architecture and artwork including a discussion of the significance of these figures on our history. We will also discover the Lincoln, Vietnam, Korean, and the Women’s War Memorials. And, since we are not exhausted from walking around the mall we can see even more. We will travel beyond the Southern part of the Tidal Basin to see more great American leaders Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Rev. Dr, Martin Luther King Jr, memorials. Our virtual tour concludes with a viewing and discussion of the wonderful memorial to Albert Einstein outside the National Academy of Sciences, so much fun and so great to see! Hope you will be able to join us!


Jan 20 2021


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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