64th Ever Bay Area Pun Off

The Bay Area Pun-Off : a family-friendly comedy show serving face-palms, eye rolls, & exasperated groan-inducing PUNS @ Rickshaw Stop in SF
General admission audience tickets are now sold out, please try your luck at the door – where we offer $30 tickets on a first come, first served basis. Seating not guaranteed.
Some say it’s an affliction; we call it “comedy…”
The Bay Area Pun-Off is a bi-monthly sold-out San Francisco comedy staple: holding together a diverse community of wordplayers and countless unfortunate bystanders (and sitters). Bolstered by groans, eye rolls, and the ever-sought-after double-handed facepalm, we enter our 7th year with equal parts ironic triumph and gleeful apology.
At the Pun-Off, we are proud to invite you to celebrate the contagious power of the pun, the lowest form of comedy, the highest form of intellect; a prized tool of parents, kindergarten teachers, Facebook trolls, and Witzelsucht patients everywhere!
NOTE TIME: Doors open at 6:30 pm // Main events start at 7:30pm
AUDIENCE : please get a General Admission ticket.
PERFORMERS/COMPETITORS : Performer tickets come with a free drink and a chance to win other unique prizes and titles! See below for ticket instructions.
Prepared Puntificators will open the evening with a non-competitive showcase of original punning on a topic of their choosing – Please keep it under 2 minutes, and do not plan to bring your phone on stage to read from. Please purchase a Prepared Puns (Puntificator) ticket. If they’re sold out, they’re sold out. 1 ticket per performer.
Punslingers will battle fellow punsters in lightning rounds of freestyle punning on a given category.* Last punster standing could win an official hand-mei-made trophy , in addition to bragging rights (if you really want to call ’em that…)
To compete, please enter the Punslinger competitor ticket lottery. The lottery will be open for approximately two weeks. Competitors will be drawn from this pool. Names not drawn will have their tickets changed to audience tickets. In the case of no-shows on show night, the emcee will select back-ups.
We’ll send out an email to let you know when all the names have been chosen – you’ll get notified either way.
First timers very welcome – you will be well-prepped at the event**.
Please grab a First Timer Only Punslinger competitor ticket. There are 3 spots reserved for first timers only. Once they’re gone you may enter the Punslinger competitor lottery pool.
Finally, remember: At the Pun-Off, jokes don’t have to be funny, they just have to be puns.
The Pun-Off warmly encourages punsters of all backgrounds, identities, persuasions, and inclinations to attend.
People with alternative modes of personal transportation can and will be accommodated, and we encourage a scent free event – please be mindful with your dryer sheets, detergent scents, colognes, and perfumes.
If the price is a serious obstacle, please contact the organizer to inquire about options. We aim to turn away no-buddy and we enjoy the company and labor of volunteers.
Please don’t contact the organizer for refunds or exchanges – our Facebook event page is a good place for such endeavors.
*All categories and rules are subject to change.
**Seriously, this is the warmest crowd in town.
***This is a very silly event and the judge’s decisions are final.
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May 23 2024


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm




155 Fell St.
San Francisco Ca
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