An Evening With Bayo Akomolafe

Bayo Akomolafe is a posthumanist thinker, philosopher, poet, author and founder of the Emergence Network, a planet-wide initiative that seeks to convene communities in new ways in response to the critical, civilizational challenges we face as a species. Through Bayo’s writings, speeches, and work he inspires new ways of thinking and being in the world, inviting us to ask questions that undermine everything we are told to believe.
One of the concepts that often inspires those who follow Bayo’s work is postactivism, which, according to Bayo, “…is my way of describing the flows and possibilities that proceed from the moment when things no longer fit.” The moment when things no longer fit that we now find ourselves in—full of trauma, disaster, conflict, and uncertainty—feels urgent and leads most to calls for urgent global action, but Bayo and postactivism sense the generativity of slowing down, which is more than what humans do or can do.
The thought project of postactivism proceeds from, and is deeply rooted in, Indigenous traditions around the world, and invites us to recognize that we are part of the more-than-human world—a necessary acknowledgement that might help shift our ideas of activism and justice outside of classical humanist framings, systems, and socialities.
This postactivist approach both creates space for and lives within the spaces of breakthroughs, seismic shifts, openings, cracks, and fissures. These spaces and openings bring new flow, possibility, creativity, and inspiration for repair.
Join us for a rich and engaging evening with Bayo and artist, writer, mindfulness practitioner, facilitator, and emerging filmmaker Damali Robertson as they explore postactivism and how this concept, which is so imbued with possibility and creativity, can be supportive of pathways to ‘healing’ ourselves, our children, our ancestors, and the more-than-human world—or better yet, going beyond healing altogether.


Mar 14 2024


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


1187 Franklin
San Francisco CA
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