Free Spirits Cocktail Class : Gin & Tonic

Enjoy the perfect Gin and Tonic at our cocktail class, featuring spirits by the women-owned and operated Freeland Distillery!
Woman-owned and women distilled, Oregon distillery Freeland Spirits creates ‘grain to glass’ expressions that celebrate all the Northwest has to offer. Freeland sources their grains and botanicals in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, distilling their spirits in the capital of small craft, Portland. Their current portfolio includes American gin, bourbon, and rye.
For this tasting, we’ll have a special demo of Gin & Tonic cocktails, featuring Freeland’s gin expressions. Freeland’s fresh flavors come from a process like no other. A traditional copper pot sill, lovingly named Hellbitch, works along side their singular and best-in-class cold vacuum macerator. This dual distillation yields spirits that are brighter and more vibrant and allows the distilling team to use fresh herbs in their creation. Fresh herbs would be cooked and die in traditional distilling, so most commercially produced spirits are made with essences. In the Freeland Spirits process, the delicate flavors of the botanicals are maintained, resulting in beautifully fragrant and delicious spirits. We’ll have a variety of spirits to enjoy at this expert presented tasting.
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May 10 2024


3:00 pm - 6:00 pm




360 Sutter
San Francisco Ca
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