Welcome to the Barter Marketplace

Are you interested in trading goods or services? Join us Sunday, June 23 at 1pm for our first Barter Marketplace and connect with like-minded individuals in our community!

What is a Barter Marketplace?

It is a system where goods and services are exchanged directly for other goods and services without using money as a medium of exchange. For our event in addition of goods or services we will also allow donations as a means of exchange.


Examples of Barter Services and Goods



  • GRAPHIC DESIGN: Trade your design skills for marketing consultation.
  • TUTORING: Offer tutoring in exchange for home repairs.
  • CONSULTANT: Specialize in areas such as marketing, operations, finance, and management, providing tailored solutions to improve efficiency, drive growth, and enhance overall performance.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Swap professional photoshoots for web development services.
  • MASSAGE THERAPY: Provide massage sessions in return for accounting services.
  • HOUSE CLEANING: Exchange cleaning services for babysitting.



  • HANDMADE CRAFTS: Trade your handmade jewelry for organic produce.
  • BOOKS: Swap books for clothing items.
  • BAKED GOODS: Exchange homemade bread and pastries for handmade soaps.
  • FURNITURE: Trade furniture pieces for garden plants and tools.
  • ELECTRONICS: Offer gadgets in exchange for fitness equipment.


Why Should I Participate in the Barter Marketplace?

  • Access to a wide range of Goods and Services at no to little cost
  • Utilizing excess inventory, capacity, or idle resources by trading them for items needed and help to reduce waste
  • Networking opportunities.
This is a fantastic opportunity to exchange your skills for other valuable services or products. If selected as a participating vendor, you will receive a stipend after aligning with the requirements of inviting 10 guests to attend sharing the event with your tribe. Don’t miss out on this unique chance to grow your network and benefit from the power of bartering. Register HERE to be considered as a vendor.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact, thanks.

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Tina Carter
Nonprofit Growth Director
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415.370.5907 | tina@nclfinc.org
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Jun 23 2024


1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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